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My Father Robert J. Moran founded Robert J. Moran, Inc. in 1973. Through his dedication and hard work he developed a manufacturing facility that was renowned for its customer satisfaction. He believed then as he does now that service is the key to any great business. We are able to work "with" our customers closely on all their manufacturing requirements. Our interactive approach to manufacturing is beneficial in both prototype and high-production areas.


As individuals and as a company, we at Moran Machine Shop strive to exceed expectations, thereby forming long lasting relationships with our customers. This company was built on hard work, ingenuity, and devotion. As his daughter I'm committed to continually reach higher and try harder to uphold my father's legacy.


Machining Centers


The following pictures show the array of CNC machining centers used by Robert J. Moran, Inc. These machines are powerful and highly efficient boasting up to twenty-five horsepower motors, fifteen thousand rpm spindles, one and a half second tool changes, and have automatic pallet changers. Along with rigid tapping capability they are, consistently, highly accurate. We can meet your machining requirements using a wide variety of materials for either prototype or high production quantities.



Mycenter-1, Extremely
Accurate & consistent.
The 2X
The 2X, with a geared head
and a 15,000 rpm spindle.